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"Every day is a journey and the journey itself is home."

Mind life and management

The Boss life-a sucessful workplace 

WORRY LESS Image by Kelly Sikkema
raptor - Train Your Mind With Rules
Holding Hands
Balancing Rocks - Achieving inner peace

Achieving inner peace

clouds - understanding mindfulness

Understanding     mindfulness 

Life management
In search of Mindfulness


Hello there, I am Shikha Mourya. Originally from Maharashtra. A nomad working in pan India for some time. Now In the city of Lake Bhopal, situated in the heart of Central India. In such time I realize all problems and their solution is based on the management of Mind.

Mindfulzoya is a truly Indian Blog based on problem solution with management skills.

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Lawyer by profession, artist from inside and enthusiastic, delightful personality by nature. This is me Shikha M. 

Here I share my personal life experience how I deal with them, also I try to solve problems, any thoughts or any situation of life if someone share it with me in this platform or in personal.

I am a keen learner and love to learn everything which I can learn, through the process of establishing a business and working on cases as a professional. Whenever you are, whatever you do - be it an awful situation or a favorable one - weather you are in a crowd or alone, rich or poor. The only thing is suffering is YOUR MIND.

So instead of humiliating mind in your whole life it is a time to make your mind your best friend. This is the thought behind this blogs called MINDFUL ZOYA.

Because MINDFUL   - Means calm and clean mind. And ZOYA – Means a Zindagi.

So MINDFUL   ZOYA stand for - A life with a clear and clam mind.



From a writer to an award Winner 

I started my journey as an lawyer and then become a writer and successful and published poet as well, now journey goes as an entrepreneur a milestone that I achieve last year in form of award………

Women achiever awards


mind life and management

Vivan - Hairstylist



The kind of value and support I've experienced with Shikha (mindful zoya) was beyond words, She's always been the mental support system by being someone who listens, understand and always provide the productive information. She helped me to excel in all areas of my life by pointing me in the right directions. Kudos to her !!

Ashish Makwana - founder web central digital

Ashish Makwana 

Founder Web Central Digital

Shikha is very knowledgeable; she offered me advices on improving the quality of my life. She provided me with valuable insights and potent ideas to unravel answers that I was seeking for a very long time. If you are looking to upgrade your life, she is your go-to person. 

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